GoFree Neoprene Cable Manager Sleeve for TV / PC / Home Theater Cables & Wires (100cm)

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The GoFree Neoprene Cable Sleeve is an innovative product which fixes the mess of cables faced by anybody who uses a PC / TV / Home Theatre. Cables are a night mare, they tangle, spoil the ambience and they all look the same and confusing. The GoFree Cable Sleeve, neatly conceals and organizes this cable mess. It’s a simple wrap around solution that wraps around a bunch of cables. It’s easy to use Velcro system makes installation or removal very easy.

Pre-cut slots run across the length of the sleeve and hence accessing cables at any length is very easy. The GoFree Cable Manager is reversible. Choose white or black depending on your choice of colour. String multiple sleeves for longer cables. Combine two sleeves together to accommodate thicker bunch of cables!

Made of high quality Neoprene, with high quality velcro and stitching, this sleeve is built to last and comes with 6 month GoFree warranty.

100 CM Sleeve :

Length of Sleeve: 100 cm | 39.3 inches
Width of Sleeve:
13.5 cm | 5.3 inches
Diameter of Sleeve (When wrapped):
4 cm | 1.5 inches

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1 review for GoFree Neoprene Cable Manager Sleeve for TV / PC / Home Theater Cables & Wires (100cm)

  1. Hardik. R.
    December 31, 2019
    Amazing product! I have always had wire hanging behind my pc which always irritates me thus i got this cable manager and it did take some time to setup for me but now the desk looks clean and tidy :D also comes with 2 additional wall sticker where you can stick the cable manager to so that it doesn't keep falling off :D
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